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Five Ways The Coronavirus Pandemic May Impact Your Divorce


The coronavirus pandemic is impacting people across the country in dramatic ways. Closings of schools, businesses, and government agencies in Fort Lauderdale and throughout Florida mean financial losses, schedule changes, and service delays. For those in the process of filing for divorce, it is important to be aware of how pandemic related impacts could affect your case and any resulting divorce settlements.

Pandemic Related Impacts On Florida Divorce Cases

Social distancing guidelines recommended by both federal agencies and the Florida Department of Health are intended to slow the spread of COVID-19 (the coronavirus) and reduce your risks of infection. While closures and stay home orders are meant to protect the public’s best interests, they can wreak havoc with previous plans you may have had in place. If you are currently seeking a divorce or in the process of waiting for a final order to be issued, you should be aware of how this could impact your case. Areas most likely affected include:

  1. Your Divorce Separation Plans

Under the Florida Statutes, there is no waiting period required for obtaining a divorce. However, many couples do opt to separate before filing legal documents in court. Time apart could give you a better perspective on problems while helping you determine whether your marriage can be saved. Unfortunately, finding suitable housing, affording additional rent or mortgage costs, and making such a move during the pandemic is likely to be challenging.

  1. Delays In Court Hearings

If you are already living apart from your spouse and have filed divorce-related documents, it is important to realize there will be delays. The Broward County Family Court is closed to all but essential services. Expect hearings and court appearances in your case to be postponed to a future date.

  1. Concerns About Money and Property

While appearing in court may not be possible right now, our Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney can continue negotiating marital property and asset settlements. This can be done via telephone or through online conferences with the other parties involved. To protect yourself in these negotiations, make sure you have up-to-date information on real estate and other property you own and statements detailing money in various bank accounts, as well as any outstanding debts.

  1. Spousal Support Payments

Some people are fortunate to be able to work from home while others are without jobs as a result of the pandemic. Any spousal support payments should be negotiated based on what you and your spouse previously earned. If your spouse makes significantly more than you, you may be entitled to spousal support while your divorce is pending.

  1. Child Time Sharing Arrangements

Florida parenting plans help to determine how time with your child will be divided between you and the other parent. Temporary arrangements can be negotiated for the current situation.

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