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Including Health Care Costs In Your Child Support


Whether you are an unmarried parent or one going through a divorce, making sure any children from the relationship have what they need is a top priority. There are numerous factors to consider in child support proceedings. In addition to ensuring they are provided for in regards to food, clothing, shelter, and educational expenses, you want to be sure they have access to the medical care they need. With health care costs rising to astronomical levels, this is a top priority in many cases. The following details how you can ensure an adequate amount is included in any child support orders issued

Including Health Care Costs In Child Support Orders

The high costs of health care have reached crisis proportions in this country. Even people who have health insurance in place can find themselves paying significant amounts in out of pocket expenses. According to a USA Today report, statistics show that the average cost of health care for a family of four today is close to $30,000 per year. This includes payments on policies, copayments for doctor visits and other procedures, yearly deductibles which must be paid before certain types of services are covered, and medications, as well as any over the counter products needed.

These costs can be overwhelming for a couple with two incomes. When making ends meet in the aftermath of separation or divorce, it may be impossible. Children, in particular, have a high demand for various services, which include:

  • Periodic well-child care visits;
  • Physicals for school and sports activities;
  • Treatment for accidental injuries they suffer;
  • Medical care for the seemingly constant viruses or other illnesses they contract at school;
  • Special needs due to physical or developmental disorders;
  • Over the counter vitamins, bandages, cold medicine, cough syrups, and other items;
  • Dental care and other services.

To protect your child’s health and ensure they get the care they need, these costs need to be calculated and included in any child support orders issued in your case.

Making Sure Your Child’s Medical Expenses Are Covered

Under the Florida Statutes, parents have a legal duty to provide for their children. This includes helping to ensure their medical expenses are paid. If these were not included as part of your original child support order, you have the right to go back and request a child support modification.

Whether you are a single or divorced parent, the overall amount you are ordered will likely vary based on any parenting plans that are currently in place. Other factors that may influence the judge’s decision include:

  • Each parent’s income and their earning potential;
  • Their total amount of assets;
  • Whether they receive disability, workers’ compensation, pensions, or other types of benefits;
  • The overall costs associated with providing for the child;
  • Whether the parent has other children to support.

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