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Mistaken Paternity: The Effects Of Paternity Cases

Determining paternity is a highly emotional issue for everyone involved, and the result has lifetime effects. We understand how important establishing paternity is to you, so we make it a priority for us. Our family law and Fort Lauderdale divorce modification lawyers can assist with the variety of consequences that typically accompany paternity cases.

Paternity cases can get messy

Florida’s presumption of paternity, as described in our previous blog, doesn’t always apply. The courts can get it wrong, and it is possible that your husband is not the father of your child. Other than DNA testing, perhaps the fastest way to resolve the issue is to ask your husband to agree to end any rights he has to your child, since, as your husband, he is the presumed father. If you’re successful, the child’s biological father can file a petition for paternity, which names him as the father of the child.

Of course, your husband may refuse to end his parental rights and remain the child’s legal father. If you divorce your husband, it’s best to resolve issues of parenthood right away. If some time since the divorce elapses and the issue of paternity arises, then you will undoubtedly need a family law attorney, probably one with experience in divorce agreement modification in Florida.

Consult experienced paternity lawyers — contact us today

Many men are unprepared for accepting the parenting and financial responsibilities of a child that is not their own. They want to be certain they are the father by stabling paternity. The legal team at Vanessa L. Prieto Law Offices LLC has more than 15 years of experience in family law. Call our Fort Lauderdale office today at 954.687.9143.

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