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Reassuring Children During A Divorce


One of the hardest things about getting a divorce for parents is seeing how it impacts their children. Younger ones may resort to behaviors they previously outgrew while older ones are going to be more inclined to act out, either at home or school. You can provide important reassurance they need right now by talking to them about the situation and any child time sharing arrangements that will be put in place.

Providing Emotional Support For Children During Divorce

Parents are often fearful regarding how a divorce will impact their children. The fact is that living in a home where their parents do not get along or where there are constant fights can be even more harmful. Children are resilient and can recover from the situation but providing emotional support and reassurance can help them through the process. Help Guide recommends the following tips:

  • Make an attempt to tell them about your divorce with both you and your spouse present.
  • Be willing to answer any questions they may have.
  • Provide details about your breakup in an age-appropriate way and without openly blaming either parent.
  • Acknowledge their feelings and the impact it will have on their life.
  • Reassure them that you both love them and will continue to be a part of their lives.
  • Let them know you are available any time they want to talk.
  • Ask if there is anything specific they want or need, such as counseling, more one on one time with you, or additional time with friends and other family members.

Be aware that even following these steps and providing reassurance, children are likely to act out somewhat. Younger children may become clingy or resume previous outgrown behaviors, such as thumb sucking or wanting to sleep in your bed. Watch for signs of repressed anger and rebellion in older children and teens, such as skipping school, doing poorly in terms of grades, and withdrawing from activities or isolating from friends.

Including Children In Parenting Plans

Divorce involves major changes in your family and one way to help children is by keeping them informed and getting their input on parenting plans. Under the Florida Statutes, courts are generally in favor of child time sharing arrangements that allow both parents to remain active and involved in their child’s life. Take the following steps to include your child in creating these plans:

  • Discuss the legal process you are currently undergoing;
  • Emphasize the goal of keeping both parents involved in their lives;
  • Assure them that they will still have time for friends, after school activities, and other interests;
  • Discuss any modifications in their current schedule;
  • Depending on their age, get their input on special times they want to spend with each parent, such as holidays and school breaks.

Let Us Help You Today

If you are a parent going through a divorce, the law office of Vanessa L. Prieto can recommend strategies to help your children adjust. To request a consultation, reach out and call or contact our Fort Lauderdale child custody & time sharing attorney online today.

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