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Sensitive Issues In Divorce (And Why You Need To Bring Them Up With Your Divorce Attorney)


Sensitive personal issues can create serious problems in your marriage that eventually lead you to file for a divorce in Fort Lauderdale. While you may be reluctant to talk about the situation, you need to bring these matters up with your Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney. They can impact divorce proceedings but there are ways to avoid disclosing them in public. 

Common-And Sensitive-Issues In Divorce Proceedings

Many married couples face personal problems that they are reluctant to bring up, even with close friends. It is important to fill your divorce attorney in, as it could impact your divorce case. The following are four common issues we encounter among clients:

  1. Sexual Incompatibility

Sex is a common source of problems in marriage. Healthline reports that only a quarter of all married couples have sex on a weekly basis. For the remainder, it happens monthly or yearly. In some cases, it does not happen at all.

When partners are not in sync in regards to their sex drives, it can lead to despair and deep resentment. While discussing this can be difficult, it is important to be candid with your divorce attorney.

  1. Infidelity

There is another sensitive issue concerning sex that may be even more difficult to bring up-infidelity. If your partner has had affairs, you may feel humiliated. However, you need to disclose this as it could impact your rights in divorce proceedings. Under the Florida Statutes, a partner’s adultery can entitle you to greater amounts of marital property and assets. However, if you are the one who cheated, your attorney needs to know as it could impact spousal support and other divorce-related matters.

  1. Money Issues

According to Business Insider, money is one of the things couples fight about most and is a common factor in divorce. You may be reluctant to talk about it if you make significantly less than your spouse, have a problem with spending, or if your spouse has acted in ways that make it difficult to establish any type of financial security.

  1. Bad habits and Addictions

Bad habits and addictions can take a heavy toll on your physical health, your emotional well-being, and your financial security. Regardless of whether the problem lies with you or your spouse, it is important to discuss it before your attorney files a divorce petition.

Discuss Your Options With Our Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorney

If you are considering a divorce and any of the above are issues in your case, reach out to the law office of Vanessa L. Prieto. We can advise you on how they may impact your rights and ways to avoid sharing them in public, such as through a marital settlement agreement (MSA).

An MSA is negotiated out of court, which avoids having sensitive details included as part of the public record.  To discuss this and other possible options, call or contact our Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney online and request a confidential consultation today.



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