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Sidestep Potential Problems By Being Specific In Your Fort Lauderdale Parenting Plan


If you are a parent who is divorced or otherwise separated, there are likely concrete reasons why the relationship did not work out. However, you still need to cooperate with the other party in carrying out any child time sharing arrangements. Find out about specific details you can include in a Fort Lauderdale parenting plan that can help you sidestep potential problems.

Common Indicators Of Future Problems In Child Time Sharing Arrangements 

Under the Florida Statutes, courts encourage child time sharing arrangements, depending on the specific circumstances in the case. Before approving a parenting plan, the court will consider factors such as each party’s current and prior relationship with the child, their ability to provide for the child’s needs, and the parents willingness to cooperate with each other. Even if both of you are approved, problems can still arise.

Common indicators that there could be trouble in implementing future child time sharing arrangements include:

  • You and the other parent are on poor terms with each other. Being on poor terms could impact not only your interactions but how arrangements are carried out.
  • You have fundamentally different views on raising children. This is a common problem and a major source of disputes between parents.
  • The other parent cannot be depended on to keep their word. Being unable to depend on the other parent to keep their word and follow through on arrangements puts the entire parenting plan in jeopardy.
  • The other parent takes pride in flouting authority. While the other parent may have put their best foot forward in appearances before the judge, their attitudes and behavior outside of court may indicate they are unlikely to conform with the parenting plan.

Specific Areas To Address In Your Parenting Plan

A parenting plan in Florida can be customized to your specific situation. If you suspect any of the above issues is going to be a problem, our Fort Lauderdale child time sharing attorney can help ensure special provisions are included that pertain to the following:

  • Communications between you, the other parent, and the child: Contact between you and the other parent can be limited to specific times and means. You can also limit contact with the child while they are in your care.
  • The right to make decisions on the child’s behalf: You can be granted legal authority in making decisions impacting the child, such as in regards to their medical care, education, and religious upbringing.
  • Alternative arrangements: You can specify times and places for pick-up/drop-off arrangements, as well as alternative arrangements and how sudden changes are dealt with.
  • Provisions for resolving disputes that arise: Along with provisions for resolving disputes, failing to comply with a parenting plan can prompt a return to court and modifications.

An Attorney Can Help You Today

For trusted legal guidance in creating a parenting plan and avoiding future problems, reach out to Fort Lauderdale child custody & time sharing attorney Vanessa L. Prieto. Call or contact our office online today to request a consultation.

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