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Can My Marriage Be Saved?


By the time some people visit a Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer, they are past the point of hoping for a reconciliation with their spouse. Others still wonder, “Can my marriage be saved?” We want you to be sure of the decision you are making before filing a divorce petition or initiating other legal actions. Find out some of the steps you can take to salvage your relationship and some sure signs that it is over.

Steps That Can Help Save Your Marriage

All couples go through rocky patches in their marriage. One of your first impulses may be to get a divorce but there are some steps you can take to ensure you are actually making the right decision. Prevention recommends the following:

  • Look at your role in the situation: By the time someone contemplates filing for a divorce, they likely have a laundry list of complaints regarding their spouse. The first step in accurately assessing the situation is to take a good look at yourself. Consider how you may have contributed to the situation and positive changes you can make.
  • Be willing to listen: Listening is an underrated quality, particularly when it comes to saving a marriage. Put your own thoughts and preconceived ideas aside long enough to really listen to your spouse and make the effort to empathize with how they feel.
  • Make the first move. Rather than waiting for your spouse to say, “I’m sorry,” or to bring up a sensitive subject, gather your courage and go first.
  • Be loving, even if you do not feel like it: Repairing a strained relationship and rekindling the flame between you and your spouse is hard work, but may be worth the effort.

When To Consider Getting A Divorce 

Have you attempted the above and had no success or is your spouse unwilling to work with you and show you the same consideration you show them? This is a clear indicator that it may be time to consider a divorce. Other signs that should prompt you to visit a divorce attorney include:

  • You notice money missing from joint bank accounts;
  • They are running up significant amounts of debt and making unexplained purchases;
  • You suspect they are having an affair;
  • Property is missing from around your home or they have taken to giving away major objects;
  • They are talking about moving out or insisting that you do;
  • They are getting increasingly aggressive in fights;
  • They are abusing drugs or alcohol;
  • You have valid concerns regarding how the situation is impacting your children.

If any of the above is going on, speak with a divorce attorney right away. These types of situations can jeopardize your safety and that of your children, as well as your rights in a divorce under the Florida Statutes.

Contact Us Today for Help

Wondering whether your marriage can be saved? To protect yourself and your rights, discuss the situation with our Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney. Call or contact the law office of Vanessa L. Prieto online and request a confidential consultation today.



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