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Five Advantages of A Marital Settlement Agreement


Going through a divorce is never pleasant. Having to attend public court proceedings that focus on the breakdown of your marriage and voice disagreements over property, assets, and the rights to children only make the situation worse. Depending on the situation, these hearings can drag on for long months, costing you both time and money. In the end, a judge may be forced to make decisions that impact your personal life and financial security for years into the future. A marital settlement agreement can provide a far better option.

Is A Marital Settlement Agreement An Option In Your Divorce Case?

In the Florida Courts, a marital settlement agreement (MSA) can provide an alternative to traditional divorce proceedings. Rather than attending court and arguing your case before a judge, you and your spouse attend a series of meetings with your attorneys during which you negotiate important issues. The goal is to reach divorce terms that are fair to both parties. The final written agreement can then be presented to the judge for signing. If couples are willing, this approach offers some important benefits:

  1. Allows you greater control in deciding on important issues.

Under the Florida Statutes, issues pertaining to the division of marital property, assets, and debts, spousal support payments, and child time-sharing arrangements must be resolved before your divorce is final. In court, a judge is likely to make the final determination. An MSA gives you greater control and can help ensure a better outcome.

  1. Allows for greater privacy.

During divorce proceedings, personal issues you would rather keep private are likely to come up. These may concern marital misconduct, such as affairs or alcohol and drug abuse, or details regarding your finances, the property you own, and the care of your children will also be discussed at length. The Broward County Court is a busy place and divorce hearings are on the public record. Negotiating a marital settlement agreement with only you, your spouse, and your attorneys present affords more privacy.

  1. Saves having to schedule and attend court hearings.

It can take months to work around court calendars and judge’s schedules. Rather than waiting for hearings and facing frustratingly long delays, a marital settlement agreement allows you to obtain a final divorce decree in a more timely manner.

  1. Saves money in terms of overall divorce costs.

The longer your divorce takes, the more you will spend on legal fees and court costs. A marital settlement agreement is far more efficient and can end up saving you money.

  1. Encourages greater cooperation between you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse.

While getting along better with your ex is not likely one of your goals, the ability to communicate and compromise can help post-divorce. This is particularly true if you have children together.

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