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Top Ten Benefits Of Collaborative Divorce In Fort Lauderdale


Divorce is often perceived as a painful process, filled with contentious, time consuming legal proceedings. While this is true in some contested cases, it does not need to be this way. A collaborative divorce in which a marital settlement agreement is negotiated provides an easier, less hostile alternative.

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce: Is It An Option IN Your Case?

Under the Florida Statutes, a collaborative divorce involves a process of reaching mutually beneficial agreements on important divorce-related matters through the aid of your attorney. Among the benefits include:

  1. Allows you to get a divorce with the least amount of animosity between you and your spouse.

While divorce is never pleasant, a collaborative divorce allows you to end your marriage with the least possible amount of animosity.

  1. Can save you time and money.

A collaborative divorce helps avoid lengthy legal proceedings, saving court costs and attorney fees.

  1. Allows more flexibility in terms of scheduling.

A collaborative divorce can be conducted on a time frame that meets your specific needs, rather than having legal hearings scheduled by the court and dictated by a judge’s calendar.

  1. Allows you greater control over any settlements and final orders issued in your divorce case.

Rather than having a judge decide important issues, a collaborative divorce gives you greater control over any final orders or settlements.

  1. Lets you customize arrangements to suit your specific situation.

A collaborative divorce can allow you to customize property division and other important matters according to your specific needs.

  1. Encourages you to work together in resolving conflicts, which can benefit you and your children.

If you have children, you will likely need to create a parenting plan in Florida. By encouraging you  to work with rather than against your former partner, it can help in implementing future arrangements.

  1. Focuses on meeting everyone’s needs, rather than pitting one spouse against the other.

Collaborative divorce focuses on ensuring everyone’s needs are met, rather than positioning one spouse as the ‘winner’ in a divorce settlement or order and the other as the ‘loser’.

  1. Protects your privacy.

A collaborative divorce is conducted in private meetings between you, your spouse, and your attorneys, avoiding the need for lengthy court hearings. This allows you to maintain a greater sense of privacy about your finances, your family relationships, and the circumstances surrounding both your marriage and divorce.

  1. Reduces stress levels.

All of the above benefits can combine to help alleviate much of the stress and turmoil that can surround a typical divorce case.

  1. Allows you to start your new life without lingering resentments.

The collaborative divorce process can be healing, helping you start your new life without any lingering resentments against your spouse or the situation.

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