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Common Causes of Marital Problems and How They Can Impact Divorce Settlements


When a couple is going through difficult times in their relationship, there can be a number of underlying causes. In some cases, it may be a sudden event that rocked your marriage and made you consider filing for divorce. In others, it is more subtle issues that may have been steadily accumulating over the years. Identifying these problems can help you get perspective on the situation and can also factor into any resulting divorce proceedings.

Common Causes of Broken Relationships

Few things are as frustrating or painful as experiencing problems in your relationship. You may have concerns about whether you and your partner can remain together, if time apart might help, or if a divorce is inevitable. Being able to identify the exact issues that are causing turmoil can give you some much needed perspective. In some cases, it can help repair the damage. In others, it provides a clearer view when embarking on divorce proceedings. According to Marriage.com, common causes behind most broken relationships include:

  • Lack of communication: Being unable to talk to your partner or feeling like you are not being heard is one of the top relationship killers. While this can be addressed through marriage counseling, it takes commitment on both your parts.
  • Lack of intimacy: Sexual problems can take a heavy toll on your marriage. Whether they are physical or emotional in nature, these too can be worked out but it takes effort.
  • Financial problems: This is one of the biggest areas of turmoil in marriage and a common cause for divorce. It may be a question of different values when it comes to money, or reckless spending may be jeopardizing any financial security you hope to obtain.
  • Unhealthy behaviors: Alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling, criminal activity, or other types of unhealthy behaviors take a heavy toll on both partners and are among the most difficult marital issues to address.
  • Adultery: Being unfaithful is devastating to a marriage. It is one of those things that can be impossible to ever fully recover from. If the decision is made to forgive and forget, it is still important to take steps to protect yourself just in case it happens again.

How Marital Problems Impact Divorce In Florida

Any of the above issues has the potential to impact proceedings in the event you decide to get a divorce. Lack of communication is likely to continue, making legal matters more difficult. Under the Florida Statutes, problems such as adultery, addictions, and criminal behavior could impact your rights in terms of the following divorce related issues:

  • Marital property and assets division;
  • Your rights to alimony or spousal support payments;
  • Child time sharing agreements and child support orders.

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