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Marital Standard Of Living And How It Impacts Alimony Payments In Fort Lauderdale


Going through a divorce often has serious financial ramifications. Whether you had a career outside your home, took time off to raise children, or otherwise relied on your spouse’s income to make ends meet, living on your income alone can create challenges. Alimony payments in Fort Lauderdale help make the adjustment. Determining your marital standard of living is a major factor in these payments.

Marital Standard Of Living A Factor In Determining Alimony In Florida

Alimony can help you adjust financially to divorce. It ensures your financial needs are provided for and allows you time to obtain the additional skills, education, or experience you need to re-enter the workforce. Under the Florida Statutes, there are several factors the court will consider in determining whether alimony payments should be awarded and the total amount:

  • The length of your marriage;
  • Each party’s individual income and assets;
  • Other contributions to the marriage and sacrifices made, such as giving up your education or career to raise children or support your spouse;
  • The standard of living you and your spouse enjoyed.

Your marital standard of living refers to your financial status and the degree of comfort you experienced in regards to where you lived and the types of hobbies or activities you engaged in. For example, if you lived in a large home and were accustomed to eating out, going on vacations, and spending considerable amounts on personal care items, you should not have to sacrifice these things just because you are getting a divorce.

How To Determine Marital Standard of Living During Divorce 

When filing for a divorce through the Broward County Family Court, both you and your spouse will need to submit financial disclosures. These list your individual income and assets, any marital property owner, your total marital debts, where you currently live, and your monthly expenses, both during your marriage and since your separation. In determining the marital standard of living, the focus is on three primary areas:

  • Housing costs, which include your rent or mortgage payment, utility bills, taxes, insurance, and general upkeep;
  • Transportation costs, which include car payments, gas and parking expenses, insurance, property taxes, and maintenance or repairs;
  • Personal needs, such as clothes, food, and entertainment costs, medical and dental care, therapists, personal grooming, magazines and newspaper subscriptions, cleaning supplies, and other expenses.

Family law financial affidavits in Florida are very detailed and including all associated costs is important. These expenses are then calculated and compared to both your and your spouse’s income. This will determine whether alimony is awarded and the amount that must be paid.

Contact Our Fort Lauderdale Alimony Attorney 

Alimony can play a major role in helping you recover financially from a divorce. At the law office of Vanessa L. Prieto, we help you get the amount you need to maintain your marital standard of living. Call or contact our Fort Lauderdale alimony attorney online today to request a consultation.

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