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Politicians Again Propose Changes To Florida Permanent Alimony Laws


Dealing with a reduction in income after divorce is a major issue. Being awarded alimony as part of your divorce settlement can help you make what would otherwise be a difficult adjustment. However, Florida politicians are yet again looking at alimony reforms. Our Fort Lauderdale alimony lawyer explains what is at stake.

Florida Senate Takes Another Look At Alimony Reforms 

The Florida Senate will be voting on a bill that could impact alimony in Fort Lauderdale. An April 5, 2023 Miami Herald news report explains how the latest revamp follows three other unsuccessful efforts at alimony reforms, all of which were vetoed by Florida Governors.

The issue concerns permanent alimony payments, one of four different types of alimony that can be awarded by the court. It typically applies in the following cases:

  • Where couples have been married for significant amounts of time;
  • Where one spouse relied on the other’s income to maintain their lifestyle;
  • Where the receiving spouse sacrificed their own career or education for the sake of the marriage;
  • Where there was a dissipation of assets, such as when the paying spouse lost a home, business, or other property due to reckless behavior or spent an excessive amount of marital assets on themselves.

As the name implies, permanent alimony must be paid indefinitely, until the receiving spouse remarries or one of the parties passes. There has been a concerted effort on the part of the Senate and some legal advocates to prevent it from being awarded in future divorce cases.

How Changes In Florida Alimony Laws Could Impact Your Situation

Lawmakers are quick to point out that if the alimony reform law is passed, it would not apply retroactively. This means that if you were previously awarded permanent alimony in a divorce, you would still be entitled to these payments, but it would not be an option in current and future cases.

This still leaves some options for those who make less than their partner and would otherwise face difficulty adjusting financially after divorce. Under the Florida Statutes, the three types of alimony that would remain available are:

  1. Bridge the gap alimony: As the name implies, these payments are designed to help you adjust to living on your own and financially supporting yourself.
  2. Rehabilitative alimony: This allows you time to gain the education, skills, or experience needed to reenter the workforce.
  3. Durational alimony: This provides spousal support for a specific period of time, such as while your children are young.

Get The Answers You Need From Our Fort Lauderdale Alimony Lawyer

Alimony payments can help you adjust to living on your own after a divorce, protecting your financial security and preventing major changes in your current lifestyle. If you have questions concerning your rights to these payments or how changes in state laws could affect you, reach out to our experienced Fort Lauderdale alimony lawyer. Call or contact the office of Vanessa L. Prieto online to request a confidential consultation.




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