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Nearly Half Of All Parents Not Getting Child Support: Are You One Of Them?


Child support payments in Fort Lauderdale prevent single and divorced parents from having to shoulder the financial burden of providing for children on their own. Unfortunately, nearly half of all parents do not receive the child support they are entitled to. If you are one of them, find out some of the options available.

Not Receiving Child Support Payments In Fort Lauderdale? 

Parents are legally required to provide financial support for their children under the Florida Statutes. The state follows an income shares model, where the amount is based both on each parent’s earnings and any special financial needs the child has.

Unfortunately, many parents still refuse to pay. According to U.S. Census Bureau figures, of the more than seven million people who have either a formal or informal child support agreement in place, more than 40 percent do not receive the amount owed. In some cases, the paying parent may only pay partial amounts, skipping months or paying less than the total amount owed. In others, they may fail to pay child support completely. This ends up having numerous negative impacts on families:

  • Puts undue stress on the custodial parent;
  • May require them to work additional hours, preventing them from spending time with their family;
  • Makes families more likely to have to rely on social services;
  • Prevents children from having what they need and leaves them at a financial disadvantage in life.

Getting The Child Support You Deserve

If you are struggling to raise children without the financial support of the other parent or if they fail to make child support payments in Florida on a regular basis, it is important to be aware of the options available:

The first step is to get a formal child support order put in place. This is done automatically in divorce proceedings. If you are a single parent, you may have to establish paternity first. Once you have a court order for child support, if the other parent refuses to pay you can pursue legal enforcement.

Our Florida child support attorney can help you take the non-paying parent back to court, where the judge can order wage garnishment to ensure the debt is paid. If they quit their job or otherwise still fall behind in payments, we can pursue other child support enforcement efforts through the Florida Department of Revenue. These include:

  • Seizure of funds in bank accounts;
  • Seizure of federal and state tax refunds;
  • Seizure of other assets, including lottery winnings and Veterans Administration, Social Security, or workers’ compensation benefits;
  • Liens on property they own;
  • Suspension of their driver’s license or any professional licenses they hold.

Contact Our Fort Lauderdale Child Support Attorney Today

There is no excuse for not paying child support. At the law office of Vanessa L. Prieto, we help you and your child get the total amount you are owed. Call or contact our Fort Lauderdale child support attorney online today to request a no-obligation consultation.

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